We are developing a video series to introduce students to landmark scientific papers in nucleic acid chemistry and biology. Funded by an NSF CAREER Award (MCB-1942565) and led by Kleiner lab graduate student Emilia Arguello, these videos aim to illustrate the scientific method underlying foundational discoveries relating to DNA and RNA, and highlight the history, personality, and circumstances of the scientists that performed the work. More videos to come!


Video 1: “The Transforming Principle”
Accompanying papers:
Griffith J. Hyg. 27, 113-59 (1928).
Avery, MacLeod and McCarty J. Exp. Med. 79, 137-58 (1944).

Video 2: “Discovering the Structure of DNA”
Accompanying papers:
Watson and Crick Nature 171, 737-8 (1953).


Videos edited and shot by C. Todd Reichart.